Friday, August 6, 2010

We WILL have a good day.........

I think its safe to say that we are TIRED!!! Went to bed about 4 AM after 2 failed attempts to do the dialysis on her blood. The line they placed last night, is not working for what they need. She had a blood transfusion last night( thanks to all those that donate blood). New line this morning and getting ready for attempt 3 for the dialysis. K needs this to work to get rid of her naughty antibodies and we need to get this into her system quickly before her heart failure gets worse.

My emotions are, shall we say...........VERY UNSTABLE. Being 30 weeks pregger most likely does not help. It is heart breaking to see Kaidence this way again. Its unsettling, it scares me. I think I am haunted by the fact that Kaidence just 48 hours ago was running, dancing, swinging on the swing set at the cabin and now........... I keep thinking, why didn't I give her another big hug yesterday before her heart cath. I try to embrace those moments with all my kiddos, but for some reason when something like this seems that you never did it enough.

Kaidence is not fighting the breathing tube today. She seems comfortable and for that I am so thankful. She received a blood transfusion yesterday because a lot was lost into the machine during the dialysis last evening. We are taking one day at a time and are hoping and praying that later today she will start to turn around.

I take so much comfort in knowing that she has so many doctors and nurses that love her helping in her care. Even if they aren't directly involved today in her care, they are still stopping by to check on her. We love the great people here and we know that they will do all they can for her.

Today your prayers are being felt once again. Its amazing the gift of comfort they can bring. Its moments like this that I know Heavenly Father truly walks beside me. My heart is overwhelmed by love and mercy. I am once again humbled by these experiences.

Like I always say "Faith makes things possible.......NOT easy. Thank you all for praying for my baby girl. I guess she is NOT a baby. Last night when she was intubated the nurses keep calling her "Baby Girl" because that is what they always called her. Kaidence briefly tried opening her eyes and she shook her head as she tried to mouth "I not a baby". I know that she is still in there somewhere.

Thank you, we feel overwhelmed by your love, prayers and support. Thanks for loving her. We will keep you posted.


Crystal said...

Shauntelle, we do love her! And we are praying for her (and you).


Little Bear and Peanut said...

Shauntelle, our family was praying all last night and today. I am glad she is handling the breathing tube better, it is so heartbreaking when they can't make a sound because of it. We will keep the prayers coming!

Clemments Family said...

Shauntelle, you are an amazing women! And I am still praying for her. Hang in there! She is a fighter and you know that!

Jeff and Andee said...

I came across your blog today and my heart aches for you. My 7 month old was born with several heart defects. She has already gone through 2 heart surgeries. The past year has taught me so much about the power of prayer. I know they are heard and I know they are answered. We will keep you and your beautiful Kaidence in our prayers.

Gracelyn's Mommy

The Simmons Family said...

We continue to pray. Stay strong for you, Kaidence and that precious baby you're carrying. She'll continue to fight!!

Becky Wertz said...

As always you have our thoughts and prayers. Please let us know if you need anything!

Aimee Hardy said...

We're thinking about you guys. Lots of prayers and love being sent your way.

Anonymous said...

Oh Shauntelle How I've worried about you and Ms K sense I Read about what's going on, I know your strong and your faith see's you through so much but you are Human after all AND pregnant too boot.
I'm often thinking about Little Ms.k and how she's connected you and I as Heart Buddy's and friends, I also often think about How strange it it that are girl's both had the same Heart Issues but how differently BOTH our Journeys have been.
K had touched and changed my life in SO many way's she is a fighter, Her battle has been one that MOST adults would be unable to handle, yet her little body has allowed her to be such a blessing and a Miracle and I love you both.
If you need ANYTHING please let me know and I will be there for you in a Heart beat I have Ms. k and your entire family in my thoughts and prayers ALWAYS, I wanted to come see you last Night when I got word but I knew it was BEST to wait but again PLEASE let me know if you need me Savannah and I love you.

Mp said...

Oh Shauntelle, We are praying for that sweet little girl. We'll be up there Sunday,if there is anything we can do. We love your little family.
rebecca and mike patton

Becca said...

It makes my heart drop every time I hear about one of our heart friends in trouble. We will be praying for you and Ms. K! I know how hard it is to be prego and sleeping in the hospital. I know it's hard but don't forget to take care of you and that baby of yours. If you need anything at all, I am right here to bring you anything you need.

Becca-Ellie's mom

♥ Michele ♥ said...

I am so sorry to hear this news!!! I had no idea it could turn bad so quickly!! We will keep you in our prayers. You are such a strong lady. We will continue to check on you.

All our love,

The Gledhills

ang said...

Oh gosh! Shauntelle, hang in there, Kaidence has beaten worse things right? We will pray hard for her and you all. How about a big fast tomorrow with everyone we can muster! Spread the word!