Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Good Night

Wow, last night was a great night! The original plan was to go home after surgery but when Kaidence stared having naughty O2 sats the plan changed. They then talked about her spending the night in post op to be watched over. Well, post op decided that they didn't want to take her because she was requiring more O2 than they were comfortable with. She did sound pretty darn crappy after the surgery. There is NO WAY I would have taken her home. Therefore, she was admitted to the floor. We happen to be neighbors with our heart buddy Mason. It's much funner to be neighbors up here than down in the CICU like the olden days.

Last night she did great. She really sounds good now and has perked up. Her cousin RyRy came to see her and she was so excited. They sat in her fancy bed together, made funny faces, ate slushies and got their toe nails painted. Kaidence LOVED having the visit!

She slept great last night. She was not a fan of the high flow O2. I think her throat must be so sore. She did very well without the oxygen. This is so exciting to me!!! Maybe we WILL get off all that dang oxygen and I could get rid of all the equipment! So far, it looks promising.

This morning, She woke up and said "good morning mom." She ate a little breakfast but not much. She looks pretty wasted at the moment. Her eyes have dark circles under them and her face is a little swollen. She just needs a really good nap....I wouldn't mind one too.

Hopefully we will come home later today when her probe study is all done. Thanks for checking in!


Allison said...

Did you have to stay up all night to monitor her movements? I do hope that you get to go home today and that the results of the 24 hour test bring some information that can help K get back to 100%! Give Mason and Summer a hug from us too!

The Meyers said...

My sister just sent me a link to your blog. I am amazed at what your little family has had to go through. You will be in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

I hope that she is home and doing better. She is quite the little girl. Prayers are with you. Hugs to you all, Love Aunt Deb