Monday, August 15, 2011

An Army of Soldiers!

We have soldiers people! According to cardiology TOO MANY soldiers but that wont last too long. Kaidence's bone marrow really kicked into gear with those shots and we feel very reassured by that. We don't have the results from the virus' we are checking for but K does have some sores in her mouth. They are thinking this may all be linked to a virus and then the 2 big doses of IV steroids from the hospital stay. We will take it!

Onto the heart. We cannot wait any longer to start treating her rejection. Today Kaidence's heart beat has a gallop in it. This is an irregular sort of beat that can go hand in hand with rejection. A sign that maybe the rejection is now making itself more obvious. She did not have this on Friday. We feel extremely blessed in the timing of this today. White count up = we can now treat her heart for rejection. We feel so grateful that we don't have to wait a single day longer to start treating her heart. I was concerned that if things with the white count did not improve so quickly, her heart would get sicker and sicker and we would not be able to do a single thing about it. I feel great relief and peace.

Today we will start back on the steroids and other fun rejection meds. She will continue house arrest. House arrest for the boys has been lifted. They can go to a friends house (as long as everyone is healthy) but no friends over here unless they play outside. The boys will be happy to get OUT! We will do the steroid burst at home with oral steroids. Hopefully this will take care of it all. We are still keeping fingers crossed for blood results but are grateful for what we do know.

We will do labs and an echo on Friday. We will know more then.

This morning before we left, Mike gave Kaidence a blessing. I have felt such peace. I wasn't even sick to my tummy this morning. Thank You for your prayers. They have been felt immensely. They have brought peace to my mind, heart (and stomach). I have felt great comfort over the last few days. Therefore, I have not been placed in the 'funny farm'.....yet! Thank You, Thank You and Thank You. We are grateful to you for taking the time to pray for our Kaidence. They were heard and felt.


cici said...

such good news. I remember when my son stopped making red cells for a few days due to a Parvo virus. The memory still upsets my stomach:(

The Army of soldiers is now being joined by Prayer Warriors for your little Kaidence.
Deep Breathe Mom

The Boys Rule said...

Love to hear good news. Still praying for you!