Monday, August 22, 2011


I only have a second but today was another cardiology appt. Since it was also the first day of school Kaidence sported her new school clothes to cardio since she cannot go to school right now. Miss K has been praying every night that "my soldiers will get bigger and the my heart wont be in rejection." She then goes on to ask the "Dr. E and Dr. J will tell me that my heart is better when my mom calls them in the morning so that I can have my sleep over with Ry Ry."

Apparently, K's prayers are being heard. Today's echo showed some signs of improvement. The heart function on her left side is looking better. Her tricuspid valve is still a mess but still not our main concern. Overall the echo just looked better. They also did an ECG and the voltage on the looked much stronger as well. When Dr. E was shouting with joy when listening to Kaidence's heart today. The gallop in her heart rhythm was gone as last. These are all signs that the medications are working. Dr.E seems to think that we have a good handle on things. Also, Miss K's white count is holding stable. We will continue to plan on K's vocal chord surgery (3rd times the charm, right?) September 9th. We will be on house arrest at least until then.

We feel so grateful for the good news that we did get today. I don't ever expect things to be perfect but I do love things to be heading in the right direction......


cici said...

How could God not answer her little Prayers? Rest assured she has back up, just in case. :)