Thursday, October 27, 2011

Re-listed & CupCakes for Kaidence!!!!

First of all I want to invite you all to join us for Cupcakes 4 Kaidence. Here is a link to the CupCakes 4 Kaidence blog. Or check out her Cupcakes 4 kaidence FB page! This is a fundraiser that is being put on by my amazing sisters, family and friends for Miss K! I cannot believe all they have done and was shocked to learn they were secretly planning this. We hope that you will help spread the word!!!!! Thank You all for loving Miss K!

Miss K's cardio appt monday went well. It was nice to get everyone on the same page. Ya know that Disney World vacation that has been in the works for a couple of years? The one that was getting canceled because K needs a new heart? Well, I was shocked to hear cardiology tell us that we need to go. You feel a little better about things when cardio gives you their blessing on something like that. My boys have NO IDEA! So, please keep it quiet. I am feeling a little overwhelmed knowing that it's back on and I am not ready. I am thinking of leaving baby home so that I can really focus on my 2 older boys. They need it but I am still torn with what to do. My kids will be so excited. The boys never complain about all the times something fun gets canceled because K is sick. They totally deserve this trip!

Wednesday we met with the surgeon. I am sure he thought I looked crazy because I have welts/hives all over my body. Today I went and saw the doc for myself and got on some steroids for it. Seems to be helping. So if you see me and I look a little rough, lips or eyelids are'll know why! Back to the surgeon. Heart Transplant the second time around is highly risky. What else do you do though?

Today Kaidence was re-listed. She is officially on the list. She is a status 2. An estimate wait time for her is 3-6 months. It scares me to wonder if her coronary arteries will hold out long enough for her. It's such a hard thing wanting your daughter to live but knowing the only way she will get that chance is when tragedy hits another family. I cannot wish for that. I would never wish that a family would lose their child so that mine could be saved. I wish that no parent ever had to think of such things! My prayers will continue to be what they were the first time. That IF a family was faced with such heartbreak that their hearts would be touched and they would want to share that heart with another child. I feel strongly that Devohn, K's heart donor has his hand in a thing or two. He is fighting hard. With all that her little heart has been just keeps going!

With the same time of year approaching when K was originally listed, I have found it interesting to go back and read post from 4 years ago. Here it is from 4 years ago today.
Please don't forget about CUPCAKES 4 KAIDENCE!!!!! Now please go and help spread the word!


Em said...

Your post gave me the shivers! I hate that you guys have to face this! And I wish that I could go back and donate Lilly's heart! To know that her heart would give life to another little one would be such a tremendous blessing to me. So excited about Disney and I am about to go and read about the cupcakes! Love you guys!
Emily and fam

Petersen Palace said...

She is so beautiful. Have fun on your trip! You guys deserve it!

Teea Lamb said...

I just read everything that is going on. I am so sorry! I am sorry that you, sweet Kaidence, and your family have to go through this. Please know you are all in our thoughts and prayers. I hope your trip is so much fun! You guys deserve it!