Saturday, October 27, 2007


Kaidence continues to sleep and poop all day long and when I say poop, I am not kidding. I am amazed at what a mess such a little thing can make.The Cardiology team and Medical team met together today to discuss a game plan for Kaidence. Not much has changed but at least everybody is on the same page at last. As I said Kaidence sleeps a lot however, I know that she knows I am their. As she sleeps she has started grabbing my finger and holding on very tight. I feel bad when I have to leave and pry her fingers away from mine. She hold so tight that my finger turns purple and her fingers turn white.
I want you all to know how much I love reading your messages. Their is a feeling that comes with knowing that we have so many people that are checking in on our family. It is a sense of love, peace and security. I love having the blog because it can reach everyone no matter where they are.
We know that whatever happens we have all of you that will be standing by us. We cannot ask for more support than what all of you have given to our little family as well as our extended family. We love all of you!
I am so thankful for the gospel in my life. I am so thankful that Mike and I have been blessed with an eternal family. The blessings of temple marriage will keep our family together forever. The Lord wants us to love our family with everything that we are. He gave us our families because he loves us and he would never say that death is the end of these beautiful relationships. That is why he provided a way for us to all live together again.


Gen and George said...

Tell Kaidence we have a little dog who poops all day long so she is in good company!!! Bless you little family for all you have endured. I am sure you are not out of the deep dark woods yet. Just remember there are many people who love and care for you and we are praying for a positive recovery for your little angel. We think of you most often and we can't imagine the strain on your family. You are doing the best job at keeping up your "faith" Now is the time to keep Satan at bay and let the brilliant light of your sweet little family illuminate the deepest and darkest of the woods in which you are now traveling. Stay together-hold hands and love much. We will continue to love you from here and pray for you every minute. She reminds me so much of you Shauntelle when you were little. Gorgeous baby what a lucky girl to be so loved. Thinking of you constantly. Love George and Gen