Sunday, October 28, 2007


Kaidence has added a new dimension to the pooping - throwing up. Kaidence started throwing up last night after the respiratory therapist came in and "bagged and suctioned" her. With her being intabated and not moving around like you and I would she needs help to move the normal secretions in her body and so they do this at least every 4 hours. Not her favorite thing. She has thrown up old blood most likely from irritation the tube she has going down her throat has caused. She continues to throw up whenever she is suctioned however it appears to be extra mucous and I think it may be collecting on the back of her throat and triggering the gag reflex. Kaidence's skin has started having some problems as well. She seems very sensitive to the probe leads they placed on her chest. She has a pretty big blister from one of them. The skin under her chin and around her neck looks very irritated. She has started getting welts with the skin protector they put on her around that new central line they placed. It looks pretty nasty so they have sent cultures. The other night she spiked a fever so they sent more cultures and placed her on an antibiotic just in case the cultures do start to grow something. However, the cultures have not grown in 24 hours and all continue to be negative. Her blood pressure last night dipped a little lower then it should so they had to up some of her BP medications. They have messed with her meds a lot this last week and it will take her some time to get used to things again. Her Kidneys are acting like they want more blood flow to them and so they will give her more blood this evening if the numbers are still high. The problem with more blood is that the more blood she is given from different people the more likely she will reject a heart because she has been exposed to so many different antibodies. Her chest x-ray today looked much better, so we are making some progress. On the bright side she has been much more awake and interactive since the first time she threw up. We will take what we can get.
The boys came up this morning to go to church and see baby sis. They sat next to her in her crib and McCaden was able to cuddle her for a minute which he needed. Camden sat next to her but was too scared to cuddle her so he kissed her leg. I am so proud of my boys and how well they are handling everything. I know that they miss all of us being together but this too will pass - I hope. kaidence is awake again so I am going to give her some love.


Wendy P said...

It's all these little things that keep adding up! I am so glad McCaden got to cuddle his sister. I know that was so important to him. You are such a special family. There are so many of us growing spiritually because of all you are going through.

Today I taught Sharing Time in primary and it was about "letting your light shine" and boy is your little Kaidence shining inspite of doctors thoughts and the odds. Telle and Mike you are shining so bright as you teach the rest of us how to be patient, have faith, trust in the Lord and just plain believe.

We love you and pray for you. I love your blog so we can keep up with things. We love you.

Wendy & Sarah