Monday, October 29, 2007


Well I thought that Kaidence was holding stable but apparently I was lacking some information that the nurse never passed on last night like the fever and the more frequent extra heart beats. Dr. Everritt came in today and discussed some concerns regarding changes in Kaidence over the last 24 hours. She is trying to get a game plan together in case Kaidence continues the path she has apparently started. We discussed ECMO (heart & lung bypass machine). We halso discussed the "Berlin Heart" (left ventricular assist device). This would serve as a bridge to heart transplant. However, Primary Children's Medical Center has never performed the surgery or cared for a baby with this device so the hospital has to decided if they are ready to take that step. They would have a team of surgeons that would fly in to help perform the operation. If Kaidence does need this device to buy her time until she gets a heart and PCMC won't do it we will have to pack up our little family and move away. Time is running out and we need a heart! And we need it soon. Unfortunately that is what it comes down to. Please pray that what is meant for Kaidence can be. We are watching all of her cultures and her fever that continues off and on. She can't get an infection because if we do and she gets a heart offer, we won't be able to take it. I feel so overwhelmed. Life continues, sometimes I wish the world could slow down so I could get caught up.


The McOmie Seven said...

We continue to pray for you and your beautiful family. Lots of love, The McOmies

Christina said...

We are hoping and praying for miracles for your sweet little Kaidence.

Christina Davis
(Intermountain Healing Hearts)

Anonymous said...

Our prayers are always with you. Lar and Deb

Becky Wertz said...

We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
Love Spencer and Becky

Darlene said...

We want you to know you are in all of our prayers. Stormy and Darlene prayed and fasted for you on Sunday. We pray for you to continue to have the faith and strength you have shown to all of us. You have a wonderful family and Heavenly Father is always there for you.
Love, The Buckway's

Corey, Michelle, Angie, Mari and Rob said...

We are all praying for you. We love you all and we know the Lord does too. You are not alone. All our love, The Miles Family