Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! We think Kaidence looks Sooo cute in her Fariy costume. The Hospital is so nice they have trick or treating on every floor and every department. The boys got so much candy that Camden couldn't even carry his treat bag. They had a blast but we done after an hour and a half or treating. The hospital is so fun alot of the staff dresses up in costumes and makes it fun for those kids that are here or the ones that or visisting those here. It makes you feel almost normal on a holiday like this.

There is also more news on Kaidences condition. Her heart rate has finally dropped. It has been at 214 for most the morning and her temp was high. It was a big worry for a while. They had to sedate her more and use a cold liquid blanket under her to help drop her temp. Our nurse Katie has worked wonders today and has Kaidence heart rate around 130 which is much more acceptable. Kaidence looks more comfortable today and more restful, if a bit pale though.

Kaidence's doctor came by and explained that they are ready to do the Berlin Heart next tuesday. We are having all the blood work done now to get ready. The will do some test runs and workshops on Monday to make sure they are good for Tuesday. They will do the Berlin Heart if she is in the same condition as she is today. So we are pretty darn sure she will be having the first Berlin Heart in Primary's on Tuesday. So pray that she gets better or that the Berlin Heart is a big success.


Mp said...

My family continues to pray for Kaidence and we check her blog everyday for the latest news on her condition.
As I understand the Berlin heart is a bridge to transplant operation, and is outside the body device that connects to the heart and is controlled by a computer?(I think)
I enjoyed talking with you and meeting your husband Mike, you guys are truly blessed to have Kaidence in your lives. I hope that everything goes well and that she is comfortable though this operation. If you every need anything our group is always here for your support!

Mike & Rebecca Patton

Anonymous said...

Shauntelle and Mike, I get these quotes daily and wanted to send it onto you. We will pray for her health and strength. You are all so amazing. Aunt, Deb
Stand Steady and True
"Discipleship does not guarantee freedom from the storms of life. Even as we are wending our way carefully and faithfully along the strait and narrow path, we encounter obstacle and challenge. There are days, perhaps even monthsand years, when life is just hard. We experience our fair share of adversity, heartache, loneliness, pain, grief--sometimes; it seems more than our fair share. "What to do when adversity strikes? There is only one thing to do. Stand steady and see it through. Stay steadfast, constant, and true. The real tragedy in the whirlwinds
of life comes only when we allow them to blow us off our true course."
(David S. Baxter, "Faith, Service, Constancy," Ensign, Nov. 2006, 14)

Anonymous said...

Hear is one more good quote

The Atonement Gives Us the Strength to Endure "The Atonement of
Jesus Christ and the healing it offers do much more than provide the opportunity for repentance from sins. The Atonement also gives us the strength to endure 'pains and afflictions and temptations of every kind,' because our Savior also took upon Him 'the pains
and the sicknesses of his people' (Alma 7:11). Brothers and sisters, if your faith and prayers and the power of the priesthood do not heal you from an affliction, the power of the Atonement will surely give you the strength to bear the burden."
(Dallin H. Oaks, "He Heals the Heavy Laden," Ensign, Nov. 2006, 9)

carolyn q said...

What an adorable costume Kaidence had. I know it must be hard to try to have some normalcy in such a unnormal situation. The boys looked so cute too. My Nathan was also dressed up as Superman.
We continue to keep Kaidence and your whole family in our prayers. I am glad to read that her blood pressure is back down.
You and Mike are amazing parents!
Carolyn Quigley

Wendy P said...

Happy Halloween. Kaidence, you are a fairy tale! We love you all and continue to pray for you. Do you know how much strength you give to so many of us? You are amazing!
Wendy & Sarah

Denise said...

I was so luck to see Kaidence yesterday, even for a few minutes. She absolutely melts my heart every time I see her. I'm amazed at how strong this little girl is. She's the most beautiful and sweetest fairy i've ever seen.

Our prayers are with the doctors and the medical staff at Primary Childrens Hospital to be guided in Kaidence's care. This next week could be a big one.

Our prayers are always with Kaidence and we continue to have faith and know the Lord is caring and watching over her.

Love - Mom and Dad

Kinder family said...

Hope your family had a happy Halloween. Kaidence is adorable in her little fairy costume. Wow next week huh? Well I know our family will fast and pray this weekend, for everything to go smoothly, and that the Doctors will be guided with what Kaidence needs.
All our love and prayers
The Kinder Family.

Jared said...

Corinne and I are thinking of you all. If you need somewhere close to decompress, you're ALWAYS welcome at our home, just a few minutes from PCH.

Christina said...

What a sweet little fairy! I have been thinking about your family and continue to pray for you. Please let our IHH group know if there is anything we can do to help you!
Christina Davis

Melissa said...

Shauntelle & Family!
I hope that Kaidence is able to get the lvad on Tuesday. When our daughter was in Kaidence's shoes three and a half years ago, the one thing they kept saying was that she would be the perfect candadate for the lvad. It had only barely been develpoed for adults at that point. Not kids. I am so glad that medicine and science keeps advancing, giving more options and longer/better quality of life. You are in my thoughts daily since I feel I know you, or at the least your situation. Maybe we can chat on Saturday. I'll be at the meeting. I'd love to meet Kaidence.

SHALYSE said...

We are so excited that everything has been approved. We are looking forward to this next week. This is a huge step! I am so relieved that the fevers are gone for now, and that her heart rate has dropped. Keep it up kaidence! You have a big day coming up, we can't wait to see you!
love ya, Mike, Lyse, Ry Ry