Friday, November 2, 2007


Well, I have always told ya'll that things here change minute by minute. It turns out that the surgery for Kaidence has been moved to Wednesday. The hospital is too afraid that the equipment will not be here and set up in enough time Tuesday to feel comfortable with everything. The hospital has to get all of their lawyers to sign paperwork before the equipment can be shipped from Berlin. The company that does the Berlin Heart is awaiting a blood test of Kaidence's - if the test comes back positive we may not be able to get the heart. However, they all feel pretty confident that all will be well with the test. So that is the latest. They are giving her more blood and getting ready to do another echo. I hope I can make it this next week. I miss being together with my family. I miss Mike and my boys.


Darlene said...

Shauntelle you will make it you are a very strong person. I'm sure you are missing Mike and the boys. This is a hard time for you but this will all pass and you will someday wonder how you got through it all. We are all so blessed to know that Heavenly Father loves us. I think you are going through some of his sorrows that he went through watching his Son suffer. You are in my prayers. I know that everyone is praying for your family. I am going to the Temple tonight and will put all your names on the prayer roll.
Love, Darlene

Anonymous said...

Shauntelle and Mike, We will be fasting and praying for you and Kaidence, and the staff that will be assisting in her surgery. Each time I relate her story to someone, and tell them of the special blessings that she has been given, I get goose bumps. I know that our Heavenly Father is very much aware of you and your family, and he will give you the strength to get you through this. Just when you think that you can't handle any more, something miraculous happens. You gain a new perspective on things, and have renewed energy, new hope and much more Faith, and you make it through another hurdle. I believe with all my heart that Kaidence is the miracle child. And that through your example and influence many peoples lives will be touched for the better. And they will know and understand more fully the power of the Priesthood and their lives will be forever changed because of all of you. Stay strong and remember the Lord will carry you through all of this.
Love Aunt Deb

Jen said...

Hang in their Shauntelle--you can do it. I am excited to hear wonderful news coming from you all next week!
We miss you all,

Luke's mom

Wendy P said...

We add our love and prayers, especially on Sunday as we all try to do our part to help you and your family. May you continue to feel Heavenly Father's arms around you, helping you through yet another adventure.
Love, Wendy & Sarah

Kingsford Family said...

Our family is fasting for you and sweet little Kaidence. My children love the photos on your blog and ask everyday how her heart is doing. You are stronger than you know - you WILL make it through this! There are so many prayers being offered in your behalf, how can you not.

Praying for miracles,
Michele Kingsford (IHH)

Mp said...

Shauntelle we missed you...we heard about your sons mishap, and that you had to leave. We will fast for Kaidence and pray for wednesday to be a success. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you or your family.

Mike, Rebecca and Brinley Patton

Beach Bum said...

"Berlin Heart" I Googled the words and found many "heart warming" articles about the "Berlin Heart". We continue to pray for that "Miracle" for Kaidence. You are wonderful parents...thanks for your example.
Jeff and Beverly Sappenfield