Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Still Waiting and we have a Birthday today.

Happy Birthday Shauntelle. Wow 29 years old. Your the best Mom, Wife, and inspiration. I Love You.

Our little Kaidence is still hanging in there. She has had a fever on and off all day today. It's gotten up to 102 today. She has also thrown up a couple of time today. So she is having a little bit of an off day. She also had another blow out. This one was so bad that even the nursing staff was impressed with the quantity. Overflowing the diaper and everywhere. She needed new bedding and a bath and a lot of room freshener. When she does something she does it big.

The social worker also came in and is bringing the list for heart transplants in our region. Primary's and Kaidence is on the top of the list for a heart in her age group and blood type. We keep our fingers crossed and hoping that today is the day. They have talked more about the Berlin Heart and the decision is still out on if Primary's is going to try the process. They are also worried on timing. We will try to be patient. We are told that the waiting is the hardest part.

Thank you all for all the prayers and comments. We love you all and want you all we are thankful for you.


carolyn q said...

Hey Shanuntelle,
Happy Birthday! I can only imagine what your wish will be when you blow out your candles. I hope that wish comes true.
Your whole family, especially Kaidence continues to be in our prayers.

Dixie said...

Happy Birthday Shanuntelle, I hope that your day was better today. We all continue to pray for Kaidence. She is a special little girl, and I know that Heavenly Father will grant your wish for her. Sometimes the hardest part is waiting for Our Heavenly Father to give us his blessings. Our family thinks of you daily. My E. A. that helps me in my classroom is thinking about her and praying for her. You are loved very much, and I know that you will be blessed with Heavenly Fathers love. Love, Dixie

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Shanuntelle! We are new members of your ward and since we have heard about Kaidence we have prayed for her everyday. We know God answers prayers and performs miracles. May you feel the love of the Lord today!
Love ya- Andrea and Justin Farr

Mp said...


Happy Birthday!!!!
Happy Birthday!!!!
Happy Birthday!!!!

Caroline, Alan, and Abby said...

Happy Birthday! Stay strong.