Sunday, October 21, 2007


First of all today is Mikes Birthday. Happy Birthday Mike. I love you so much and am so gratefule that I have you holding my hand as we climb this overwheling mountain that is before us. . . You are the BEST. I Love You!!!!

We went to McCaden's Primary program and he did a wonderful job. I am so proud of how much he has grown. Camden and I played "puppy dogs" while I was home. That seemed to keep him pretty happy. Not to mention his dad's birthday cake.

Kaidence has slept all day long. She also finally had a big poop. Yes, we get excited about the little things these days. Her heart does not tolerate her being moved and her blood pressure and heart rate struggle. My Aunt Deb sent me a wonderful talk about "waiting on the Lord." The following stood out to me.

"We must be content and peaceful about the spiritual nudgings we may receive and be grateful for those occasional illuminating moments of brighter light and clear understanding."

We recognize those many moments that we have had these last few months. We have witnessed the "occasional illuminating moments of brighter light" and we know with time we will gain a clear understanding. We are grateful for our many blessings.


Denise said...

Happy Birthday, Mike! You are all in our prayers continuously. It has been very special to watch you grow as a couple and as a family. We sure don't know why we have to go through this stuff, but I suppose it is HOW we go through it and what we learn that counts. May you have peace and comfort continually. Love you, Wendy & Sarah Nielson

carolyn q said...

I know it's funny to think having a poop would be so wonderful, but it is. WAY TO GO KAIDENCE!

I have to share this with you because it's from an innocent little child and their hearts are so pure. My 6 year old son Nathan was such a good sport at hanging out at the hospital on Saturday while we had the meeting and while I was visiting in the PICU. He knew how heart broken I was because of what had transpired at the PICU on Saturday. Sunday in our Primary Class he gave the closing prayer and in his sweet little prayer asked our Heavenly Father to bless the children in the PICU with a miracle, and one especially for Kaidence. He doesn't even know Kaidence, but he has heard me talk and it touched his little innocent (well, maybe not so innocent all the time) heart. Needless to say I was bawling my eyes out and all my CTR A class looked at me in amazement.
We are pulling for that miracle!