Thursday, October 25, 2007


I have to make this fast because it is midnight and I took my melatonin and it's starting to work. We had some family come and visit today and that is always great to see a familiar face in this place.
So tonight I took the boys to our wards Halloween Carnival while Mike stayed at the hospital with kaidence. We switched and I came back to PCMC around 8:15. They decided to place a line from Kaidence's neck into her heart to deliver medications this evening. Well things did not go so well. They were able to thread the wire but then it suddenly stopped and when they tried to pull back it was stuck. Things started getting crazy fast. Her room had many people in it very quickly and I suddenly ended up out in the hall as they paged Dr.'s down to her room. The wire was stuck and they said that if it was stuck in the heart (which is where the wire was supposed to go) that we could be in some serious trouble. While the Dr. held pressure on Kaidence's neck they order blood and an x-ray STAT. They told me I may need to call Mike if the x-ray did not look ok. A radiologist came up and we were able to see what had happened. While placing the line the wire folded itself in half so it was catching as they would pull back. Needless to say after some time and some pretty unsure moments from everybody everything turned out great. The whole time Kaidence held her own with her blood pressure and heart rate. Everything is fine but I was pretty stressed when it it was happeneing and afraidthat this was it. I am so thankul as I go to bed tonight that the Lord has watched over my sweet kaidence once again. Thank You all for all of your prayers.


Denise said...

I was feeling a little stressed this morning as I got to work and read Kaidence’s blog. I'm so thankful and relieved that everything turned out ok. I'm sure this was a stressful moment for you last night, especially being alone. I'm so thankful for all the fasting and prayers which have taken place for Kaidence and the family, I know this is what gives you the comfort and strength thru these difficult times. Once again our loving Heavenly Father has watched over our sweet baby Kaidence. She’s a fighter!

Love - Mom