Saturday, October 20, 2007


My heart breaks for those many families that I have witnessed lose their little ones. It has been sad to get to know these families and then watch them as their children are passing away. These families that have been here for a long time have been our only consistency in this place. You see them day after day and start to be each others Cheer Leaders. Little Luke passed away this evening. The 3rd baby in 1.5 weeks. What a tough little guy he was and I am so sorry for his family. That is what is so hard, you sit aside and watch this and are so helpless. All I can do is say I am sorry. All have had our same belief that Families ARE Together Forever and that brings great peace to all. I am so sorry for Luke's family, please keep them in your prayers.


Denise said...

It was sad seeing Luke's empty bed today when I got to the hospital, my thoughts and prayers are with Luke's parents and his siblings.

Mike - Happy Birthday!! We'll celebrate your Birthday with the Family when things settle down.
I was touched as I watched Mike with Kaidence today at the hospital. He's so sweet and gentle with his little Angel, it melted my heart. I know you both waited a long time for your little girl. Continue to stay strong. Dad and I and are so proud of you both.