Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Well today has been pretty quiet for us. Kaidence had a rough late night last evening. She is getting some bad effects from all of the narcotics that they have her on. Sometime she will just thrash around in her bed. In just a couple of hours she has worn an open sore on her fist from trying to rub and itch her nose. I am starting to come to grip with the thought that Kaidence may be getting a heart from another person. They tell me to keep my fingers crossed, but I can't wish for someone to die just so Kaidence can get their heart. It just seems wrong and I have had a hard time coming to terms with that. I am starting to understand that whoever's heart she does get would be passing away anyhow and I am only hoping that the family will give the gift of donation. This place is pretty sad at times and it is hard to watch as kids pass away here but without fail you can always feel the spirit so strong when it is happening. It is also such a blessing to see all of the many miracles that take place daily as well.

We keep waiting for our pager to sound and hope that when it does we can be ready and be at peace with the choices that we have made for Kaidence. From here on out it is all in the Lord's hands.


Mp said...

We have never met, but my wife and I check your blog daily...were part of the yahoo group that you joined not long ago. We have been praying for comfort as the long hours pass awaiting the possibility of a new heart for Kaidence. From personal experience I know these kids are super tough and with the lords hand in all things, great blessings will come...stay strong and positive!!!

Mike, Becky & Brinley Patton