Monday, October 15, 2007

Another Miracle

Yesterday, Sunday October 14th, 2007 was a crazy day. I decided that I would take a step and leave the hospital for the night while my mom stayed with Kaidence. My boys needed me and I needed them. I have been trying since August to bear my testimony in our ward and I felt that I needed to do this before things with Kaidence got better. It is sometimes easier to say that you know that Father in Heaven loves you and that he has his hands in all things and talk about beautiful miracles when everything in your life is happy and peachy. I felt that I needed to share with my ward that I still knew these things to be so true even when I am going through a major nightmare and trial. So of course, Mike calls me at home that morning crying and telling me the Doctors news. It was not good. We were told that the medication that they put Kaidence on to help improve the blood pressure in the lungs worked so well that it was making Kaidence's heart bigger and sicker. They told us that her heart was so big that it had collapsed her left lung completely. They told us they they needed to take her off of the lung medication which was the medication that was giving us a shot of getting her on the transplant list. They told us that Kaidence was critical and could go into cardiac arrest at any moment and that chest compressions would damage her heart beyond recovery. They asked for us to give permission for Kaidence to go on ECMO (life support) if that were to happen. They would then give Kaidence 1 week on ECMO and if we did not see any improvment we would then have to take her off to die. They decided to take her in to an emergency Cath test to see if by any small chance that her lung pressure looked better. The risk of the procedure were much higher due to her critical state. WE got a miracle. Kaidence handled the procedure perfectly and her numbers are good enough to get her listed for a heart transplant. The doctors all seemed surprised. WE now had another option.

Kaidence has been kept sedated to keep her heart from working too hard. And she is also on a ventilator to help her breath. They are trying to take stress off her heart. We get to see her beautiful eyes every so often. She is such a fighter and we will keep the faith. I still know that it would take a big miracle for her heart to repair itself, but I know that if that is a miracle that is meant for Kaidence that it will happen and if a new heart is meant for her we will also be grateful for that miracle. I know what she was blessed with and I won't give up on that until her chest is opened and a new heart is given to her. And if that happens we will forever be thankful for the beautiful gift that someone has given us. The gift of life.