Thursday, January 17, 2008

Deseret Morning News!

The article came out this morning in the Deseret News it is under the "Mormon Times" section. It is in both the paper and on the Internet if you are interested. Thank You for all that has been done for our family and thank you for the many ways that you have touched and blessed our lives. Have a wonderful day today!

With Hope and Love,


Wendy P said...

The article is wonderful! I am so happy seeing you all at home together - and that smart McCaden -he's got it all together, doesn't he? I loved the closing line that you've learned "that trials are not punishment". Thank you for sharing your learnings and being such great examples to so many of us. I truly wish you the best in getting financial help, in keeping Kaidence healthy and happy, in growing your little family. We love you tons. Wendy (and Sarah, and my mom, and Yvonne and all my friends who know about you!)

carolyn q said...

Great Article! Your whole family has been such a inspiration and great example. We continue to pray that Kaidence will continue to recover and achieve all that she is meant to in this life.
I hope this article also helps open the pockets of those that can help financially.

Megan and Alyvia said...

I just read the article...and cried! It was great. I am just so happy that after everything you guys have been through, Kaidence is HOME!! You have touched our family's life. We are so grateful for the wonderful families like you we met in the PICU. We love you guys!

Kristi said...

We are so happy for you that Kaidence is home! And what a wonderful article. We are so glad that we're in your ward and grateful that things are going well. Thanks for keeping us all posted of Kaidence's progress and your journey on the blog. We'll continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
Love, Kristi and Kiel von. N.