Saturday, January 19, 2008


Well, I knew it was bound to happen and today it finally did. Kaidence pulled out her feeding tube. Now unlike before when she would do this we can't replace it because it is in her intestines, not her stomach. Therefore, we took a little trip up to PCMC to have it placed again. She has been better with it. Yesterday Kaidence had some applesauce for breakfast and some corn and sweet potato something for dinner. She was so excited to finally eat something after months of not eating that she was panting like a little doggy. In a cute way, of course. She can only have 5-10 tiny bites per meal, but today we joked that we gave her an inch and she was trying to take a mile when she pulled out her tube at the breakfast table. She is starting to get a little fuzzy from the steroids but so far not too bad. We did have to adjust one of her immunosuppresive drugs because the blood levels came back too high. Everything goes in her mouth and so we have to be sure that the boys don't touch anything of hers. This is most likely the cause of McCadens sudden "clean craze" behavior. Everything has to be clean for him. He will scrub my sink for 30 minutes and talk about all of the germs in it. He took hand sanitizer and a mask to school the other day for show and teach. Everything he talks about is somehow related to germs. He left my sisters house today because her little girl had a cough that she had been on antibiotics for but he called me to pick him up because he was afraid he would get sick germs. However, he has been a super helper lately. He takes out the garbage, vacuums, cleans the bathrooms, loads and unloads the dishes, name it, he has been doing it without being asked. I have to keep telling him to take a break and go play, but he says that he wants our house to be "spic n' span." He has also been cleaning my sister and my moms house when he goes over. Camden still has a yucky cough. He loves me to play trains with him and he trys so hard to be a big helper as well. He loves his sissy and when she cries he says "it's ok sissy I am not going anywhere." Both of the boys were so afraid today that we wouldn't bring sissy back from the hospital today. I didn't even stop to think about that. They were so excited when they came home and saw her in her room.

We are so happy to all be home together. I love having everyone sleeping in the same house and not have to call and check up on Kaidence every night and morning and whenever I get up in the middle of the night for a little potty break. Our home has a feeling of love and peace in it (mixed with a lot of CRAZINESS) but that is what makes our home "HOME" and we wouldn't have it any other way. "simple pleasures are life's treasures"


The Boys Rule said...

I could really use a McCaden at my house. Could you please send him on over?! He would probably take one look in the front door and run the other way. Gald to hear you are all doing so well. Have a happy Sunday!

Megan and Alyvia said...

YAY!! I check your blog all the time to see how you guys are doing, once again, I am so happy that you guys are home! How nice it must be to have your family all together again. Kaidence sounds like she is getting stronger every day, and it sounds like you've got quite the helpers over there...what awesome big brothers!

The McOmie Seven said...

I can totally relate with the feeding tube thing. Although I can't feed Carter anything yet. I am sure that when he realizes what food is, he will go crazy, too. I am so glad that you are feeling at home finally. Me, too. It's amazing how satisfying the insanity can be.
Love you tons,

Pam said...

My daughter has the clean thing going on to....She made me buy hand sanitizer for her back pack because of all of the germs at school.

Although we have not been through the exact same things as you, I can feel where you are coming from. Sometimes I think my kids have been through and seen more than any child their age should ever see.

But in the same aspect, they have grown so much spiritually, and have so much more compassion than anyone else their age. With each trial comes great amounts of blessings as well!

We think of you often!!


Pam and Rhett

Dixie said...

I need McCaden in my room at school. He could be an example to all of my students. Some of them are so dirty, and messy. We can't find what they need inside their desks. Keed up the good work McCaden. Keep growing Kaidence. I am looking forward to seeing you in June. Love, Aunt Dixie