Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Well, today went much better than yesterday. I had a crazy day yesterday trying to figure out home health, speech therapy, ordering special food thickener online and the never ending fight to try to get Kaidence Social Security. In order to get a hold of anyone in social security you must have the whole day to do nothing but wait on hold. I unfortunately don't have time to do that, neither does anyone else. I think they figure that if they keep you on hold long enough that you will eventually give up and they won't have to give you money. Not a very user friendly system by any means. We have been trying since August to get it to help cover medical bills and her $600 a month prescription co-pay cost. No luck so far but I am not giving up. Camden is still sick, but McCaden is doing much better. We are so happy with Kaidence's progress. She can roll from her tummy to her back. The dog is barking at the moment and Kaidence is not sure if she should laugh or cry so she is doing a mix of both. Kaidence has another Cardiology appt. tomorrow. So far so good. Thanks for all of your love!


Anonymous said...

I remember that thick stuff we had to mix in grandmas drinks. I hope that Kaidence likes it more than she did. Look out she will be crawling before you know it. I am glad to she that she is making progress. Hang in there both of you. You are wonderful parents. One of my clients heard a heart Dr. on the radio she thought it may of been 1160 AM. But she said that she was talking about Kaidence and the Berlin Heart. Her story it getting around. Take care our love and prayers are with you. Love Aunt Deb

The McOmie Seven said...

I am so excited for you guys. Keep going on the social security stuff. It is possible, we have it. I am so proud of you. you are such a great person and I know that you are up to this. The Lord will bless you along with the rest of the family if you just keep going. Let me know it you need a day off. We will have to get together and scrapbook or something. Love you tons,

Ashton's Family said...

It’s so good to hear that Kaidence is feeling well enough to be rolling on the floor. It is just amazing how far she has come. It wasn’t long ago when you guys were trying to decide whether or not she should be on the transplant list. Your prayers have surely been answered. As far as Social Security, they need the option to leave a call back number I think. I have to put them on speaker and go about my business until someone picks up. I can’t imagine how busy you are with med’s and feedings. That waiting game isn't fun even when you have a whole day to hold a phone to your ear. Ashton was on 22 doses of med’s and 5 breathing treatments for a short time. Med’s and feeding was all I got done in the day. You are amazing people!


Natalie said...

Miss Shauntelle! This is Natalie from WSU....a LONG time ago! I saw the story of your precious little girl on KSL tonight. I am so glad that everything is going well...what an adventure you have had. It looks like you and Mike have a super cute family. You and your sweet Kaidence will be in our prayers.

Natalie Anderson Vincent