Monday, December 22, 2008


Well, it is just about midnight and we are still sitting in the ER. Mike has gone home because he has work tomorrow and no longer has any time off (it has all been used on Kaidence and his arm surgery). I haven't slept really in over 24 hours and am starting to feel it. Maybe my patience is starting to struggle a little. Kaidence's fever has finally broke and she has gotten some IV fluids. (gotta go. I'll update in a minute).

Ok, it is now 2 AM and I am officially very grumpy. Kaidence's CRP (the bodies inflammatory response) is very high. It should be below .8 but it is 18. So we know that something is going on somewhere but we don't know were. We finally got a room for Kaidence (I arrived at the hospital at 5:30 tonight). As we started getting situated in her room they told me that we had to move to the PICU because they could not do high flow oxygen on the floor. Hello, you can send an average mom home with a kid on high flow oxygen for night times sleeping but the trained nurses along with the respiratory therapist next door can't handle it???? Hospital protocol. So then after much conversation and getting our PICU room ready they decided to keep us on the floor. Well now they just came and said that they didn't know that Kaidence is on precautions because they did a respiratory panel. We have to wait for the "official" respiratory panel to be done, but all preliminary results are negative. So now we have to move to a dirty pod and chance Kaidence picking up who knows what but they have to call in a nurse and so we can't move until she gets here. Each person that walks into the room ask the same questions and does the same exam. Kaidence has had her ears examined about 5 times today (usually always being woken up to do so). I know it is always like this. We have done this enough to know better but you would think that when child hasn't slept since Saturday afternoon, they would let her do so. Our plan is to do more labs in the morning and check her heart. Battery dad, gotta go.

So It is 5 Am and I am Super Duper Grumpy and tired. We are finally moved, Kaidence is asleep and I am heading to bed. I will be up in an hour when they round at 6 AM. I need some sleep!!!!


The Boys Rule said...

Hang in there, both of you. We are praying for a quick diagnosis and recovery. Call if you need anything. Love ya.

Megan and Alyvia said...

I'm so sorry to hear you are back in the hospital. I hope and pray that everything gets better soon so that you guys can have a nice Christmas at home with your family!! We're praying for you Kaidence!

My heart goes out to you and the struggles you have been through this past year. you guys truly are amazing. And Kaidence is beautiful as ever!! I love seeing pictures of her, she has the most beautiful blue eyes!!

Keep us posted, we love you guys.

carolyn q said...

AWK. . .you were suppose to be ALL home this week to celebrate Christmas together. . which I am still holding out that will happen. I pray that this is just a small bump in the road and she will recover quickly and that you can get some rest.
I don't want to call you incase you are getting some much needed shut eye. . .so when you are ready here is my cell phone # you asked for. (801)372-2255.

Denise said...

Dad and I are praying the Dr.'s find out what's going on. I called this morning and put your names on the prayer roll, she's going to be ok.

We pray your little family can be together for Christmas. We know you're exhausted, hopefully you can get some needed rest.

Continue to stay strong.

Love - Nanna and Pappa

Shirley said...

Telle, Hang on. . . We're praying for your family too. You indicated Kaidence is in the Standard Examiner newpaper. Could you post the website to find it? Thanks, Shirley Krans