Sunday, December 21, 2008

Prayers please, we want to be home for Christmas!

I was really hoping to go to church today as a family and let Kaidence wear her beautiful Christmas dress but.......Kaidence is pretty sick. She has had a fever of 103.8 (much to high for an immunosuppressed kiddo) and is coughing, vomiting and not eating anything. She has cried all night and all day today. Even with Tylenol (we can't have Ibuprofen) she continues to have a fever. I can't give her all of her meds so we have to pick and choose the most important. We need your prayers please. If her fever continues and we don't have a answers as to why, we have been told by cardiology that we will have to take Kaidence up to PCMC ER. I don't want to go because I know we will be admitted for "cultures: and other tests and I don't want to chance another Christmas up at the hospital. The boys don't want it either. I hope that this is nothing too serious. Our WONDERFUL pediatrician is stopping by to take a look at her today and hopefully we can find something that can be treated with antibiotics at home. Please keep little Kaidence in your prayers.
-Also, Kaidence's story is on the front page of the "Standard Examiner" today and not last Tuesday for those that were wondering what happened.


Summer said...

I didn't know! I am so sorry! We are praying for you. Love, Summer, baby Mason, and family