Friday, June 27, 2008


Sorry that I am posting so late tonight. Kaidence has had a great day today and is back to smiling and waving to all. We are planning on going home tomorrow (Saturday). I am so ready. McCaden called me last night sobbing and begging me to come home because he missed me, it breaks my heart. My boys have been through so much. They are such sweet boys and we are so proud of them. She took an 8 oz sippy cup today and she has not taken that amount all at once since she was diagnosed with her cardiomyopathy last year. Speaking of last year, next month on this day it will mark a year since our world was rocked and we begin our Journey of Faith. What a year it has been and how my heart has been touched and how my spirit has been changed.
Also, Our friends that we met this last fall in the PICU very unexpectedly lost their little baby boy yesterday, please remember them in your thoughts and prayers. Life is so very fragile.


Becky Wertz said...

That is so sad about your friend. Life is fragile. Congrats to Kaidence, we are glad she is feeling better. Please let us know if you need anything.

Denita Skousen said...

I am so sorry about the loss of your friends child. We will think of them and keep them in our prayers. Also glad to hear that you ALL get to go home today. I hope she continues to drink and keep her food down. Let us know if we can do anything from here! Denita

Pam said...

I can't wait to hear your next post from home!! So what type of tube did Kaidence get? Rhett got a MIC tube, and I am really struggling with it.

But it's getting better. Let me know if you want any advice, not that I have much!!

I have been reading faithfully, but my time to post is few and far between. Just know that you and your family is ALWAYS in my thoughts and prayers.


Sarah said...

Shauntelle!!! How could I ever forget you or your wonderful family?? Thank you so much for your wonderful words. I remember how much more spunk Kaidence had with her pigs, and I think I will do my hair that way for my first day of radiation and chemo on Monday. Thank you for your prayers and wishes. It is amazing how much I can feel them and rely on the courage and support I feel from everyone!
I am so glad to see an update on your beautiful Kaidence. I haven't checked in in a while, but I am glad to see things are getting better. Congratulations on going home. I was in the hospital for only 11 days, and my discharge day was the best day in a LONG time! I can't imaging how it feels for you guys!

Dixie said...

I am so glad to hear that your family will be together again. I am so thankful that Kaidence is doing better and going home again. Lets hope that all goes well. As always you are in my prayers. Love, Aunt Dixie

carolyn q said...

Thanks for taking time to go to dinner last night. Yes, I was very tired when I got home after all that had transpired yesterday. . .but I so enjoyed our time together just visiting. You are an amazing mom and wife and I continue to be in awe of you!
If was so fun to have Kaidence interact with me too!
Heart Hugs,

Em said...

Yeah! Hopefully you are reading this comment from home! I am so sad to hear of Charlie's passing. It breaks my heart because he was only 3 weeks older then Ryker. Yeah for Kaidence drinking that much! Let us know how things are going at home!
Heart hugs,

AMES said...

I am sad that you haven't added me to your list of "family and friends"! ;) I am so happy to know you guys and to see little Kaidence. She is such a miracle.