Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Just a brief update, The doctors have all been busy trying to figure out Kaidence. She is pretty well known around this place so it does make things a little easier because one way or the other people know Kaidence's story. This afternoon I had the boys a the hospital ALL DAY LONGGGGGGG! Our Mazda is broken and of course in the shop so we are down to the one car and Mike had a meeting at work that he did not feel he could miss. So I met all day long with doctors while Kaidence's hospital room looked ( and sounded) like some summer camp day care. Anyhow, we met with the ID (Infectious Disease) doctors, Cardiology (again) the Medical team and then the GI (Gastro Intestinal doctor). We have sent more test to the labs. I am still thinking medication is the major problem complicating things. We have given her bolus IV fluids and they have also started giving her calories into her blood stream. We are running her at a very slow rate with a little pediasure through her NG tube to help a little with the calories. Everyone that knows Kaidence and now sees her cannot believe how tiny she looks. It did not take her long at all to lose the weight and become so malnourished. We are hoping that the fluids will help pull her out of the vicious cycle of vomiting and weight loss. Sometimes when you become too malnourished the nausea increase and just keeps on going. We have pretty much decided that the G-tube will be best for Kaidence at this time. I just can't keep up any longer on the time and stress that it takes to try getting Kaidence to eat. Hopefully they will do that within the next few days or so. The procedure is VERY quick (only takes about 10 minutes) but will need an anaesthesiologist. This trip has been hard for the fact that Kaidence is very aware of who is who and what they will be doing to her and recognizes them by how they are dressed coming into the room. She has cried a lot more this time around. So crazy story. Tonight we took Kaidence down to have a chest x-ray and our cute little tech that went with us ran out of the x-ray room to find a bathroon. Well, her water broke during the x-ray and she is off to have her baby. So Lori, apparently Kaidence has a way with things. Come and visit, you may not need to be induced after all. I hope that all is well with her baby (it is 5 weeks early). I will post again tomorrow sometime. Thanks for all the prayers!!!


Becca said...

Hi Shauntelle,
So sorry about Kaidence. Jared has had the same issues going on the last two months also and we could never figure it all out. He finally seems to being doing better but he lost a lot of weight too. You will love the g-tube. That is the only reason that Jared wasn't in the hospital. We can always put pedialyte in the pump and pump it in super slowly to keep him from getting too dehydrated. I have decided that I am going to keep it forever as back up (he he). This transplant journey is crazier than I expected and it seems like there is always something to worry about. I will be praying for you and Kaidence. Hopefully you'll be back home before you know it!!!


The Boys Rule said...

Ok Shauntelle, I'll be up to visit to see if Kaidence has any effect on me. After another horrible nights sleep, going in to labor would be great! Hang in there, we are all still praying for you and Kaidence. Sorry I can't be of any help right now. Give me a call again, let me know how you are all doing.

Summer said...

So sorry about this news! Know you are in our prayers! We will come visit on July 2nd if you are still there! Hang in there and please give Kaidence a kiss from Mason!

Meg said...
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Meg said...

This is Megan Wells from the PCMC branch. My husband and I have tried to follow your blog because we have really grown to love your family as you have spent so much time at PCMC. If you ever have another day there with the boys and would like us or someone else from the branch to come to the hospital and play with them for a while we would be happy to. We really live 2 minutes away. The chaplain has our names and numbers or it is on the sheet which I am sure you have received many times. Please don't hesitate to call. We love your family. Glad you guys are home again. (FYI - I deleted my last post because it was the same as this one, but I noticed some phrases that didn't make sense and I reworded) I Hope things keep going well.