Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Kaidence is looking better and better today. I can tell that she is so much happier. We have not vomited since 5 am this morning but still have the "fast poopies". We also had a positive stool culture. Kaidence has Adenovirus. It is common in children but really did a number on Kaidence. We think that the combination of the virus, high medication levels, dehydration and lack of calories all joined forces to make her really sick. We are all happy to have a diagnoses. We are possibly going to do the G-tube tomorrow or Friday. Also they want a sleep study because she snores very bad ( no really, its pretty bad). Other than that we are just giving her time to get better. I am also happy to announce that my tech that had her water break last evening while we were in x-ray had her baby boy early this morning at 5lbs. It seems that he is doing well. Also my lap top hard drive is fried and I may not be able to post as much, so don't be worried. My laptop may have seen it's last post.


Anonymous said...

I am relived that they have found what is happening with her. Hope the poopies slow down. Hang in there. Are love and prayers are with you. Love Aunt Deb

Becky Wertz said...

I have a laptop that is here collecting dust that you are welcome to just let me know.

Em said...

I am so sorry that Kaidence is in the hospital. I am apparently out of the loop, and am just finding out. The funny thing is, I felt the need to specifically say her name this week, in Mike's and my prayers, instead of only saying to watch over all the heart kiddos. Interesting that it came to us like that. I bet Ryker and Lilly keep a watchful eye on their friends, apparently closer then I thought!
Hugs and prayers,
Emily and Mike