Monday, November 5, 2007


Thank You once again for everybody that has prayed and fasted for our family. Last night was the first time in about a week that I have not woken up with a very sick tummy. I actually slept very well and I feel much more calm. I have never been so nervous, but I am now so grateful for the little peace that I do feel. Kaidence looks well today and we are so thankful that we have the option of the Berlin Heart to buy us some extra time. The equipment for the surgery is on its way and the team of Dr's will be here in the morning. Kaidence will have many hurdles to overcome but she is a tough little lady and she will put up a good fight. I can't wait for the day that we get to bring her home although I am a little sad that she will likely not be home for Christmas. Santa may be paying a visit to the PICU this year because I refuse to split my kids up for Christmas. I need to find a little tree and some decorations so that I can get them up and in her room. Yes, I do put my decorations up early every year and I LOVE IT! I guess I have got a little of my grandma in me. So let me be the first to wish you HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!


Dixie said...

I'm with you. My Christmas will be up the day after Thanksgiving. We all need to enjoy the Christmas Holidays. I was so greatful to fast with you yesterday. Thanks for the oppertunity to become closer to my Heavenly Father. I know the Kaidence will be blessed and all will go well. This week. Hang in there. I will be praying all day Wed.
I love You all,
Aunt Dixie.

carolyn q said...

Sorry we missed you on Saturday. . .but it was good that you were able to go home and rest and spend some time with the boys. I know Brynn was going to stop by today and bring you the care bag that we put together on Saturday.
I usually have health related excuses for not fasting, but yesterday I truly fasted for Kaidence and the spirit was so strong. I even got up and bore my testimony (something I rarly do because it's so personal). I have learned so much from your example as I am sure so many others have. I am still holding out for that miracle for Kaidence. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Kadience and your family.
Scott and Carolyn Quigley