Thursday, November 8, 2007


Well, it is fair to say that I am exhausted. I think that my whole family is. Kaidence's room is buzzing constantly with people. This has been a wonderful experience for the hospital as well as our family. Kaidence made history and your prayers and faith helped it come to pass. I still feel that she has a chance to completely heal. We are all once again overwhelmed with the love and support that we feel. We still have a long road ahead, but we will make it.

Kaidence looks wonderful. I wish that you all could see her. She briefly woke this evening and smiled at me. She also reached for me to pick her up. I still have not held her, but after weeks of going without I can make it a few more days. The Dr's have told me that all of her labs could not be better. Her fever is gone and they are truly amazed at how smooth things have gone. Kaidence is doing perfectly. She had an Echo today and it apparently looks well.

The boys loved the whole TV thing. I am sure you can all picture McCaden's response as they ask him to answer a question. He took charge of the microphone, straightened up in his chair, cleared his throat and gave his response. They all seemed to think that he would do great in some sort of communication profession. I think I must agree.

We are blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.


Anonymous said...

We are so proud of all or you. What an inspiration you are to all of us. Kaidences sweet spirit is lighting the way for many children to come. Shauntelle and Mike you are truly instruments for the Lord. Heavenly Father knew how strong you both were to handle this challenge. And I know that he is so proud of you and the way you have openly shared your Spiritual feelings with everyone. You are all being missionaries. I just didn't know that the Lord called them at 8 months old. But boy was I wrong. It's wonderful that you were so willing to share your story so that others may have HOPE. I know that Grandma Call has been there cheering you all on and comforting Kaidence during her hardest hours. We are so proud of all of you and your sweet little boys. I know that you will continue to have the health and the strength to carry you through this, while Kaidences little heart heals. You can see the power of the Priesthood in your lives and that special blessing is defanately coming to pass. Love, Aunt Deb

Megan and Alyvia said...
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Megan and Alyvia said...

I am so happy Kaidence is doing so well, she looks so good! (: She is such a fighter! I am so glad I met you and your family. You are an amazing person. You have taught me so much about faith, your faith is incredible. So many people are cheering little Kaidence on.

Jenn said...

Hey Shauntelle,
It was good to talk to you- thanks for listening. I was going to e-mail some of our thougts from Ian's service and realized I don't have your e-mail. Ours is When you get a chance e-mail me and then I'll send it back. Thanks for everything. We are so happy to see Kaidence doing so well. We love and miss you guys.
Love, the Pearson's

Heart Mommy said...

Hey guys, I just wanted you to know that there is another chance for family and friends who missed the news to see it. Just go to at the top right side of the little tool bar it says "health". Click on it and it should be the top story.... You can also read the comments that total strangers who saw it put. We hope for the best and wish you a happy day when you can wrap your arms around her again. Love the Homers

Laura said...

It was good to see the TV news report and know that things went well. Jay Dee was excited to see "Shauntelle" on TV! We send our love to all your family.

Laura said...

It was so good to see the TV news report and know that the operation had gone well. Jay Dee was excited to see "Shauntelle" on TV!
We send out love to all your family.

carolyn q said...

I thought I would just check in to see the latest.
Shauntelle, I can only imagine how your heart skipped a beat when Kaidence was strong enough to put her arms out for you to hold her. I can only imagine the sweetness that you will enjoy when you once again get to hold her in your arms.
Your family continues to be in our thoughts and prayers as you all support Kaidence as she fights for a full recovery.
Quigley Family