Friday, November 9, 2007


Do you think we could get a little mental break from everything? Let me start off by saying that Kaidence looks the best she has looked in a long time. Her labs and everything else is perfect. She is starting to breath above the ventilator so hopefully they will start weeing from that soon and then I can hold her. Kaidence is the perfect patient.

The cardiologist came in today and has already started about when to take a heart offer. I am in no way ready at this point and think it is crazy to not give her a fair chance a getting better. In her defense she is worried that Kaidence will lose all of the time she has already accrued while waiting for a heart to this point. She sent a biopsy a Kaidence heart to a specialist and they are not sure that it was caused by a virus any longer. They will do some other mitochondrial test on it and we should know after we wait another long, long, long, weekend. If she does have a disorder it could cause even a new heart to get sick again. I don't think that they will find anything. She has already had so many different test testing for genetic and some mitochondrial disorders and they have all been negative.
Mike and I have a lot of decisions to make and we will revisit the issue with the cardiologist on Monday. We pray that we as well as the doctors will continue to know what is best for Kaidence. We pray that we will have peace and be guided with what the Lord wants for Kaidence. It sounds that they are not really wanting to wait for a recovery and that is very, very frustrating.


Wendy P said...

Keep the faith, Shauntelle & Mike! You have followed the spirit this far - you will know what to do. We love you! Wendy

Caroline, Alan, and Abby said...

Shauntelle & Mike,
We are praying and thinking about you all constantly...we wanted to call Dad and Denise yesterday but we know everyone is tired....Follow your heart and your gut, it hasn't led you astray so far...Thanks for the continuous updates, it helps when we are so far away. Love you guys.

Dixie said...

Shauntelle & Mike, I know that Heavenly Father will guide you and let you know what is best for Kaidence. You have all done so well up to now. She is a true fighter. Her Heavenly Father knows what a special child she is and he will continue to bless and keep her. Love, Aunt Dixie

Anonymous said...

Shauntelle and Mike, We continue to pray for you. We know that as you continue to pray and consult your Heavenly Father , he will keep leading you and the Doctors in the direction that you need to go in. He hasn't let you down and I know that as you remain faithful the answers that you need will come. I will talk to you when we get home from Vegas. Until then, We Love You. Lar and Deb