Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Well, we just said our goodbye's to Kaidence and I cried like a little baby. Many of Kaidence's past nurses came in this morning to tell her goodbye. We need this to work not only for us but for everbody in the PICU. We have had a tough run of things the last month with our many little friends. Kaidence has many little Heart Buddies watching over her from Heaven today and I know that they want her to do well. She has been the only girl among so mnay little boys in the PICU.

The Dr.'s feel that Kaidence may possibly have a chance of a recovery from the procedure. A recovery that may allow her heart enough time to rest and heal to the point that it would return to normal function and not need a transplant. They will take her off the list for about 3 months to give her that time. We will be here into the new year possibly to her 1st Birthday. Thanks for all the support you are giving us. We love the messages and are glad that we have so many people watching her blog today and waiting with us.


Anonymous said...

Shaunatelle and Mike, Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Kaidence this morning . She is truly a miracle. What a blessing to have such a great team of Doctors. We will pray for them and that their hands will be guided by the spirit. I know that grandma will be there with you and Kaidence giving you all comfort. Our Heavenly Father knows of your needs and he will bless you. I know that through your faith and the beautiful blessings that Kaidence has received that she will be blessed. Love, Debbie and Larry

Wendy P said...

We are sure with you all today. Our team prayed for you, including those in foreign countries. My friends in England are praying for you. My family is praying for you. You have blessed so many lives that I pray you will be blessed beyond your own belief this day. We love you.
Wendy & Sarah

sarah said...

We hope all goes well today you are in our thoughts and prayers and we will be cheering you on from across the hall. These special little spirits we have been blessed with are truely amazing , I know Kaidence will keep fighting to get her body well again.
sarah silas & Noah Wyman

Heart Mommy said...

We are cheering Kaidence and the Dr's on....There will be a prayer in our hearts the whole day for her and your whole little family as this is a long wait for all of you. Save us a room next to you for next week.... Brynn

Shand said...


Our constant thoughts, prayers and love are with you and your family today. I too know that grandma will be there watching over
Kaidence in the operating room. She is not alone. We love you.

Joel, Shand and girls

Darren and Sarah said...

Our prayers are with you today. I know Jack and the gang are all on Kaidence's side! May your hearts be peaceful today.
With understanding and love,
Sarah (Jack's mom)

carolyn q said...

I will be checking and rechecking your blog today for updates. My prayers and thoughts are with all of you (Kaidence,Family,and especially the Doctors).
Shauntelle, Thanks for taking a few minutes to visit ysterday. It was an honor to meet your mom and actually hold Kaidences finger and have her look at me. She has an amazing spirit and I just know that she will have many angels attending to her as she go throughs this procedure and recovers.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the update Shaun. We love you and have a constant prayer in our heart for Kaidence, you family and the whole PICU today. Max and Laney still remember Kaidence and you family everytime the say prayers. And sometimes I think the prayers of little kids give that extra help. Love you guys and we will keep checking the blog. Call me if you need anythinkg. Love ya, Paula and Family

Unknown said...

Next time I'll read through my comments before posting them. Oh well it wouldn't be from me if it didn't have some mistakes in it. Love you and thinking about you today.

Kinder family said...

Shauntelle And Mike, Our whole family will keep Kaidence, your family and the medical staff in our thoughts and prayers all day. To hear the kids mention little Kaidence and your family, in family prayer, it brings tears to my eyes to feel the pure love of children. I know the lord is with you today. With all of our love,
Kinder family

Unknown said...

I'm Alex Homer's grandma, and we're all thinking of you today and praying for the best possible outcome. I hope to meet you in the next couple of weeks when Alex is in for the Glenn. Prayers and blessings to you all.

Diane Homer