Thursday, November 8, 2007


So we are doing a Press Conference at Primary's at 2:00 today. It may be live or it may be on later. They have invited all stations. Wish us luck. I don't even like to watch myself in home movies. The funny thing is that they want our kids with us.

Kaidence is looking GREAT!!!!


Kinder family said...
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Kinder family said...

sorry i hit the wrong button it deleted my post. GOOD LUCK! I think you are wonderful parents,and you can do this.

Leslee said...

Dear Mike & Shauntelle,

I have linked to your site through the Pearson's site. I have been paying close attention to Kaidence and all that she is going through. My family is also named Stephenson. My Grandfather was Daniel Preston Stephenson, so to me you are family. All of the D.P. Stephenson family are praying and cheering Kaidence on from our side.
Kaidence and your sweet family are our modern day pioneers. Just as our ansesters forged ahead to come to Utah. Your family is doing the same for other children. Keep up the good work Kaidence! We'll keep praying.