Thursday, December 27, 2007


Well, Kaidence just got extubated and placed on a cpap machine to help stint open her lungs. The left side of her lung is a little smashed from her big new heart. Things seem to look well and we are hoping that she can stay extubated. They are scoping out her vocal box tomorrow and we are hoping that she has some sensation with her vocal chords. I can't get over how pink she is. I no longer have a pale gray baby girl. YEAH!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Kaidence. She won't know what to do when all of those tubes are gone. She will need a bunch of new toys to play with. Little did we know that pink was such a wonderful color. I hope and pray that things will go well tomorrow. Aunt Deb

Jeff said...

Congratulations to the entire family. I really appreciate the blog and your continual updating on Kaidence and the rest of the family. Give my love to the boys. Our hearts are also full of gratitude for this miracle and continue to pray for everyone. Jay & Julie

carolyn q said...

Pink, what a great color. I am glad that she was able to get extubated. Just wanted you to know I was checking in to see the latest and let you know I was thinking of you all.

Wendy P said...

We are still watching the blog and keeping up with things. Thankful for pink and extubated and making your way closer to home. May this continue to be a wonderful weekend. We will be watching here for updates. Love to all of you.