Sunday, December 23, 2007


Kaidence now officially has her new heart and it is beating. Part of this little child that has passed is still living on as this little heart beats. What an amazing thing to feel. Knowing that our little girl is alive because of somebody's unselfishness. I know the spirit of this other little child will live on in Kaidence. We feel such gratitude for this gift.

Kaidence is still on bypass and they still need to sew up the holes where the cannula's used to be. They said that things are going great.

To Jack's family and Ian's family. Chris and Caroline say hi!


Jenn said...

Congratulations- we know the road you still have ahead, and are so proud of the road you have traveled. We will be thinking of you today and always. You are a great family. And, of course tell Chris and Caroline hello, we miss them, and we hope you all have the best holiday.

Unknown said...

This is so amazing. Thanks for each update. Hang in there! What a long night. Everyone is constantley praying for all of you. Love ya, Paula

Melissa said...

I am so glad things look good so far!!

Kim said...

O.K., I have officially called everyone I know. :) I think today this will be the website with more hits than any other. You guys are too stinkin' cool. Go Kaidence!

Wendy P said...

Ditto with everyone else's comments. Go Kaidence! Go all of you! Go doctors! Thank yous and loves and hugs and WOW! The gift of a heart for Christmas - it is just too overwhelming to realize!
Love you ALL!!!

Wendy P said...

Oh yea! Happy 10 months Kaidence - what a 10 months it has been!