Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Kaidence has a very busy day ahead of her today. She had an xray and echo this morning and they think that she may have a blood clot in the left atrium septum....not so good. She is also scheduled to go downstairs and have her swallow study done as well as a test on her diaphragm. They said that sometimes the nerves to the diagram can get cut or damaged and so they are checking out all of that. I am most nervous about the clot because once again the next stop for it would be her brain. Other than that she is doing well. They pulled 2 chest tubes today and so that is a good thing. We knew that we would have more ups and downs along the way and that is ok. We can't have everything at once and sometimes we just can't have everything.


Wendy P said...

Hang in there! You knew there would be more challenges. You are still in everyone's prayers - we aren't going away from supporting you just because she got her heart. We are all here!

Kinder family said...

Yes, Wendy is right we are all still here for all the support you will ever need. Even after Little Kaidence goes home we will still be there with support and prays for Kaidence and your family. Hope all goes well today, and they can get that blood clot.
Love, Jill

Alayna Williamson said...


This is Alayna Williamson. I have written to you a couple of times to let you know my family is praying for you. I know the Homer's and found your blog through them. We have been watching and praying for little Kaidence for months.

I thought I didn't know you, but come to find out, I just realized I do know Mike!! He was in my ward growing up! We were talking about Kaidence on Christmas and my sister told me I was a dork for not realizing that Mike Stephensen is the same Mike from childhood! Ha Ha. Anyway, tell him that Alayna Frasier (and the whole Gibby family) is praying for you all. My little sister is even the girl at America First that helped you set up the account for Kaidence. What a small world!

Anyway, we keep you in our prayers all the time. God bless you all!