Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that all of you have had a day full of love and peace. Kaidence is doing well. They tried extubating her last night but they had to put the tube back in. That's ok, she will get it done. Tomorrow they may do another test on her vocal cords, because they worry that one of them may be paralyzed. Other than that all of her labs continue to look great. She is on all of her immunosuppresives and other steroids that make her a little to wild so they have had to paralyze her. If she moves too much she gets a higher blood pressure and they don't want to pop any stitches.

I keep think about the little family that has given our family this gift. My heart is full beyond any words and they will ALWAYS be in my prayers.

I am posting our family letter again because it wasn't up long before Kaidence got her heart and I know that there are many of you that I don't even know that check her blog. I want everyone to have it. Merry Christmas.

Dearest friends and family, December 2007

During this time of year we often reflect upon the many blessings that we have been given. As many of you know our family has much to be thankful for. We have been given a trial to overcome but through it we have learned so much about life and are living many of the important lessons that life lends us. We know without a doubt that this trial has been a blessing to our family as well as many others. It is our hope that we can all learn from life’s trials, because if good can come from them they will in turn bless our own lives as well as the lives of others. Trials are blessings not punishments, you just sometimes have to look a little deeper and wait a little longer to see the blessings arise.
One thing that we have learned is that despite all of the bad that we see in the world, there are many good people. People are good and most want to do good. It is not very often that we hear about all the good that people do. When we look at the world as a good place we feel that we will be more likely to radiate that good ourselves. We have been blessed by so many. We are so grateful to the many that have reached out to our family and for the many ongoing hours of service that have been so graciously given in our behalf. We have been served in so many ways and through it have taken the opportunity to continue teaching McCaden and Camden as well as ourselves about the importance of service and serving others. As this is the season of giving gifts, we thank you for the gifts of service that we have received. Our hearts have been touched by the kindness and love of others. We will forever carry with us the gift of service that you have imprinted upon our hearts.
Miracles do happen. We have witnessed this many times during our journey. Kaidence is still with us. Kaidence is our little miracle. Never before have we been in a situation where we have seen the Lord’s hand in everything that is done, until now. The spirit has guided our family and the doctors, to know what is best for Kaidence and he has provided a way to make it happen. We thank everyone for all of your many prayers that have been given. We have a bitter sweet miracle waiting to take place as we wait for a new heart for Kaidence and we give thanks to whomever it comes from for giving kaidence a new chance at life for a new year. We will hold this gift precious forever in our hearts and we will never forget. As we love and nurture Kaidence through the years we will also love and nurture the spirit of the heart that has been given in hopes that we can in a small sense give back.
Take peace in knowing that families ARE forever! Take the time to hold your loved ones a little longer. Spend more meaningful time together and remember that our Savior Jesus Christ loves and knows each one of us. Do what you can always and then he will do the rest.
We wish you the Love and Peace of the season and hope that it will be carried with you always in your hearts.
With Hope and Love,
The Stephenson’s

Mike, Shauntelle, McCaden, Camden and little Kaidence


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that she is doing well. Every little baby step is wonderful. I know that she will continue to make progress every day. Congtulations again on the best Christmas present ever. GOOOOOOOOOOO Kaidence! Love to you all. Aunt Deb

Leeann said...

I came over from Crys' blog. Beautiful written and congrats on the transplant. What a perfect and most wonderful Christmas gift!